The Glittering Misfit Of Burlesque

Baby Le'Strange has been rocking stages around the US since early 2008. Her wild style has been featured on the 2008 Tease-O-Rama Roadshow, Texas Burlesque Festival 2010,2011,2013,2017, Colorado Burlesque Festival 2011, Hawaii Burlesque Festival 2013, Las Vegas Burlesque Festival 2013, Oregon Burlesque Festival 2014,2015,2016 and Hollywood Burlesque Festival 2015. Along with traveling all over the country she performs regularly in large shows around the Portland, OR and Seattle, WA areas.

Baby is one of the most innovative performers on the Portland Burlesque Scene, she's also part of the city's pioneering troupe Rose City Shimmy.

Baby is also an instructor of Creative Expression at the Rose City School of Burlesque. She has also guest taught at Burlycon Seattle. 

If you are looking for some comedic charm with a dirty twist, Baby is your Glittering Misfit!


             Upcoming Performances       



April 27 - Portland Burlesque Marathong - Funhouse Lounge (Portland,OR)

May 1 - Revelry w/ Hyacinth Lee  (Seattle,WA)

May 5 - Cinco de PeeWee - Dantes (Portland,OR)

May 6 - Twin Peaks Dance Party - The Fixin' Too (Portland,OR)

May 9 - Burlynomicon w/ Matt Knife - Lovecraft Bar (Portland,OR)

May 12 - Cramps Burlesque - High Water Mark (Portland,OR)

May 13 - Filthlesque John Waters Burlesque - Funhouse Lounge (Portland,OR)

May 18- Bobs Buns! Bobs Burgers Burlesque - Star Theater (Portland,OR)

May 25 - Metalesque Fundraiser - Tonic Lounge  (Portland,OR)

May 27 - Wax Fund Fundraiser - Crush Bar (Portland,OR)

June 25 - Whoopie! Sex Positive Cabaret - Bossanova Ballroom (Portland,OR)

July 14 - UnHappy Endings - Crush Bar (Portland,OR)

July 15 - Naughty Bit Burlesque - Bit House Saloon (Portland,OR)